Meaning of theses adjectives words part 5

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Kalamuddin Ahmed
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Meaning of theses adjectives words part 5

Postby Kalamuddin Ahmed » Wed May 11, 2016 10:06 pm

Dear sir !

Please text me meaning of these adjectives words which I mentioned below .


2. remote

3. relevant

4. practical

5. novel

thanks .

and sir , now I'll text to you in English language . if you find any kind of wrong sentences , so you can tell me please .

Kailash Chandra Sharma
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Re: Meaning of theses adjectives words part 5

Postby Kailash Chandra Sharma » Sat May 14, 2016 4:29 pm

Dear Mr. Ahmed,
Given below are the meanings of the adjectives you inquired about:

1. vast विशाल, बड़ा.

2. remote दूरस्थ, सुदूर, कम.

3. relevant प्रासंगिक, उचित.

4. practical व्यावहारिक, अमली, प्रायोगिक.

5. novel नया, नूतन, नवीन.

It seems you want to send me some sentences in English, and you want me to check them
and tell you whether they are correct or not. Please don't forget to give the Hindi meanings also,
or else I won't be able to make out what you meant by those sentences.


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