Meaning of these words with sentences

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Meaning of these words with sentences

Postby Kalamuddin Ahmed » Thu May 26, 2016 5:21 pm

Dear sir !

How are you ?

I Hope you're fine . I want to know of these words meaning in Hindi with a sentence, also tell me which is noun, verb, adjective,etc.........

I'm waiting for your reply . I Hope you reply me very soon .

These are words.

1. accompany

2. afterwards

3. annoy

4. Antarctica

5. appetizers

6. Appear

7. Approach

8. Approximately

9. Assist

10 . Avenue

Kailash Chandra Sharma
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Re: Meaning of these words with sentences

Postby Kailash Chandra Sharma » Fri May 27, 2016 8:24 pm

Dear Mr. Ahmed,
I am pretty well. Thank you. I hope you are fine too.
Please find given below answers to your queries :

1. accompany (verb) =साथ देना : I have nobody to accompany me.

2. afterwards (adverb)=बाद में : I will do your work afterwards.

3. annoy (verb)=चिढ़ाना : He annoyed me unnecessarily.

4. Antarctica (noun)=अंटार्कटिका महाद्वीप : Going to Antarctica is not a child's play.

5. appetizers (noun)=भूख बढ़ानेवाले : Soups before dinner are good appetizers.

6. appear (verb)=प्रकट होना : He suddenly appeared in the court of law.

7.approach (verb) =पास आना : Don't try to approach me in this regard.

8. approximately (adjective)=लगभग : He came home at 5.00 o' clock approximately.

9. assist (verb)=सहायता करना : Two nurses assisted the doctor in the operation.

10. avenue (noun)=रास्ता /मार्ग : They live at South Avenue in New Delhi.

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