Rules and Regulations (English)

Every forum user must follow the given set of rules and guidelines. Not doing so might lead to immediate expulsion from the forum.
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Rules and Regulations (English)

Postby Admin » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:34 pm

Dear AaoSeekho Forum Users,

This forum has been created to help you with your day to day lives. You can talk to each other as well as Team AaoSeekho, various trainers and other guests who might be available from time to time.

Below are the rules and guidelines that everyone must follow.

1. Use your real names in the forum. Fake identities would be banned from the forum.
2. Respect others and their feelings.
3. Post only in relevant forums and topics.
4. Search for existing topics instead of creating duplicate topics.
5. Report any wrong doings to the moderators.
6. Follow instructions provided by the moderators from time to time.

1. Do not post any pornographic or offensive material (text, pics, videos, links or otherwise in any form).
2. Do not post rude comments that could offend someone's feelings in any way.
3. Do not post links or other content advertising external websites or products.
4. Do not post any content that leads to any copyright infringement.
5. Do not discuss about fake/counterfeit/pirated software, courses or videos etc.

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